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"Helping both people in need and those with outstanding abilities, and making the public good our priority."
    CTBC Financial Holding takes on corporate social responsibilities by promoting the education quality in Taiwan. CTBC Financial Holding will donate the total amount of 300 Million NTD from 2015 to 2018 by the CTBC Financial Holding subsidiary - Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd. - to help CTBC Business School improve school operations. Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd. has issued a “Proof of Donation Commitment” (Attachment 4) upon the request of the Department of Education on Feb. 14, 2015. Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd has promised to donate to CTBC Business School an amount of 80 Million NTD in 2015 and 120 Million NTD for the subsequent four years (2016-2019).
    The highlights at CTBC Business School are its sponsored programs from CTBC Financial Holding and its guaranteed job opportunities. Also, based on the school mission (“Helping people who are in need and who have outstanding abilities”), the school will provide essential internship opportunities, guaranteed job opportunities, as well as scholarships. In addition to the donation from Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd., our school will cooperate with CTBC Financial Holding and its charities to use CTBC Financial Holding’s resources and provide scholarships both to students with financial difficulties as well as students with outstanding performance. These scholarships will provide an excellent environment in which students’ academic development will not be distracted by tuition affordability and other expenses. We are currently setting up this program (Scholarship and Financial Aid), which will provide financial assistance to the two categories of students based on the school’s mission statement.
    CTBC Business School has upheld the spirit of “light up the life,” a concept in which we have established the first lighthouse for higher education in Taiwan’s most historical city, Tainan. We wish to guide our young professionals to a more promising path in life. We will focus our mission on developing a truly professional and international reputation for CTBC Business School with an extensive combination of liberal, professional, and practical perspectives.