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Chairman Feng, Chi-tai


Kogai Elementary School, Tokyo, Japan (1960)
Jianguo Junior High School, Taipei, Taiwan (1964)
Instituto Americano Senior High School, La Paz, Bolivia, South America (1968)
BA, Mathematics, Mayville State University, USA (1971)
MA, International Relations, Univ. of North Dakota, USA (1973)
MA, Public Administration, Harvard University, USA (1987)



Specialist, Department of North American Affairs (MOFA) (1974~76)
Secretary, ROC Embassy, Wash. DC (1976~79)
Secretary, Coordination Council for North American Affairs, Wash. DC (1979~82)
Section Chief, Coordination Council for North American Affairs, Taipei (1983~89)
Vice President, SAATCHI & SAATCHI Co., Ltd (Great Britain), Taipei (1989)
Director, Overseas Division, Broadcasting Corporation of China (1989~91)
News Director, Broadcasting Corporation of China (1991~93)
Editor-in-Chief, Central News Agency (1993~94)
Director, International Division, Central Daily News (1994~97)
Deputy Director, Dept. of Youth Affairs, KMT Central Committee (adjunct 1996~97)
Director General, Dept. of Protocol, MOFA (1997~03)
Ambassador to The Dominican Rep. (2003~06)
Director of International Affairs, Ma-Hsiao Presidential Campaign (2007~08)
Chairman of Ma-Hsiao Inaugural Committee (2008)
Representative to Japan (2008~2012)
Senior Advisor for International Affairs, CTBC Bank (2013~)
Chairman, CTBC Financial Management College (2015~)


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