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We are a private university that is training Taiwan’s next generation of top-tier financiers. Located in historical Tainan City, in the country’s south, we were founded in 2000 as Hsing-Kuo University. In 2015, CTBC Financial Holding took over the funding and management of the college, and we proudly adopted a new name: CTBC Business School.
In the short time since, our school has achieved milestone after milestone, such as achieving 100% student enrollment rates for three consecutive years and being praised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education as a new model of corporate philanthropy. Most importantly, however, we have delivered on our mission to provide a professional financial education to the country’s most promising students, with an emphasis on accepting outstanding talent whose disadvantaged station in life may have otherwise held them back.
Our school’s relationship with CTBC Holding lends key advantages for students, particularly prioritized access to internships and job opportunities. We are also proud of our generous scholarship offerings. Thanks to funding from CTBC Holding subsidiary Taiwan Lottery, we are able to provide scholarships and grants to both students with financial difficulties as well as those with outstanding performance, allowing them to focus on their academic development instead of tuition and cost-of-living expenses.
We aim to ready our students for successful careers, while our mission for the school is to further elevate its professionalism and international reputation through the extensive combination of liberal, professional, and practical perspectives.


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