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 董事長室 Board of Trustees

 校長室 Office of the President

 教務處 Office of Academic Affairs   學生事務處  Office of Student Affairs
 總務處  Office of General Affairs  研究發展處  Office of Research & Development
 圖書資訊處  Office of Library and Information Services  人事 Office of Personnel
 財務會計室 Office of Finance and Accounting  公共關係室 Office of Public Relations
 秘書室 Office of Secretary  國際處 Office of International Affairs


公益生福祉中心 Student Welfare Center 招生中心 Admission Center
推廣教育中心 Continuing Studies Center 軍訓中心 Military Training Center
校安中心 Campus Security Center 衛生保健中心 Health Center
輔導諮商中心  Counseling Center 環境保護暨安全衛生中心 Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Center
教學品質中心 Quality Teaching Center 優質產學中心 Industry - University Cooperation Center
國際認證交流中心 International Affairs and Accreditation 資訊中心 Information Services Center
金融職訓中心 Future Bank Training Center 兩岸學術交流中心 Cross-Strait Affairs